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Prolotherapy Educational Event

Hello Everyone.

It is now time to inform you all that the next Prolotherapy Educational Event will be in Ferrara, Italy on the "Spine" on September 23-24

Here attached is the complete program and information that you would need to sign up.

Please contact my son Ruggero Cavallino of the (ESP) "European School of Prolotherapy" at informing him your interest before making any payment.

The ESP doesn't have the possibility to invoice everyone in September 2017, because of overbooking and financial issues. All invoice will be issued in year 2018 for those who are joining this workshop for the first time. All doctors that have registered in year 2017 and are in completion with the spine module, will receive an invoice.

I will do everything possible in my power to make this educational event successful, important and worth you time to learn about regeneration medicine of the spine using "Prolotherapy"

I have to say that there are many doctors that want to participate to this "Educational Workshop", so, first come first serve!!!

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